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Have you ever heard your students say that something was unfair? I know I have!

Often, the response students hear is that other people are worse off than they are, so they should just "suck it up" and move on. I wanted to take a different approach with my students, showing them that it is okay to be angry about a bad situation. The important thing to remember is that we all have bad experiences (some more so than others) and therefore, we need to support one another during those trying times.

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I am so excited about this film directed by Nirvan Mullick!

Here's how it works:
"The project is a non-profit experiment in global collaboration. The idea is to make the World's Biggest Shortest Film by inviting everyone to make a movie together. 'The 1 Second Film' will be one second of animation (made of 12 giant paintings) with one hour of credits. A feature length making of documentary will play during the credits, and all profits from the finished film will be donated to [the Global Fund for Women]."
I donated to this film and I hope you will join my crew! For as little as $1, you can earn credit as a producer. Hey, if Stephen Colbert, Spike Jonze, and Charlie Kaufman are willing to donate, how could I refuse?! ;)




During last month's staff meeting, our school watched this inspiring video. The student's name is Dalton Sherman, a 9-year-old from Texas. In 2008, he was able to inspire 20,000 adults during his keynote speech for the Dallas Texas School District.

Many school personnel start to feel exhausted and stressed during this point in the school year; this video is one great way to get everyone back on track and motivated to finish the year with just as much dedication, optimism, and motivation as the they had on the first day back.
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My guest blog post, "How to Tame Spring Fever," is featured on Really Good Stuff's teaching blog! I love the poster that goes with my article. I think I may have a new addition to my office...
First of all, I apologize for being, for the most part, inactive on my site for the past week or so. It's that time of year when everyone seems to be stressed, overworked, and tired. I am not immune to this, even though I think I am sometimes!

Second of all, I wanted to share two AMAZING videos with you. When my brother forwarded "Fresh Guacamoli" to me, I wasn't sure what to expect. After watching, I was hooked.

These videos highlight creative thinking, something I encourage my students to practice and value. I would use the clips before an activity that may require students to think outside the box or to use symbols to illustrate their thoughts/feelings. Those particular assignments seem to be the hardest for students to complete. I often get questions like: "What is the right way to do this?" or "What should I do?"

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