Smyface 02/20/2012
At Smyface, students can adjust the feelings scale to indicate how they are feelings "right now." Then, they have 80 characters to explain the reason behind that particular feeling.

I would use this with my students in a 1:1 setting and print copies for our records. Then, we could review the feeling patterns together and use that as another opportunity for reflection.
Meetings 02/20/2012
I don't know how things work in your buildings, but at my school, I am responsible for facilitating and scheduling meetings. This is a funny video clip to share with staff members to show how we all have our roles during meetings and, in my case, I can thank them for being the opposite of those shown in this video. I find that by reviewing meeting expectations, more gets accomplished and everyone carries their share of the workload.
Sesame Street 02/16/2012
Who doesn't love Sesame Street?!

You can get a LOT of wonderful, free resources from Sesame Workshop. I contacted someone directly and was able to get the hard copy versions of the Sesame Workshop programs at no charge. Also, there are many educational videos on Sesame Street's YouTube channel.

I just thought I'd share this cute video about the word "cling." Anyone ever feel like Jude Law when at school? I know I do!
Sticky Burr 02/12/2012
I just discovered an adorable character called Sticky Burr. He lives in Burrwood Forest and has many adventures with his friends. At the Sticky Burr website, you can read the web comic, download free activities, and more!

I also thought the "Winter Greetings" video would be great to share with teachers on a snowy day.
FableVision 02/10/2012
In 1996, FableVision's founder, Peter H. Reynolds, had a vision: to create a "social change agency" to help move the world to a better place. FableVision is dedicated to helping ALL learners reach their full potential and to telling "stories that matter, stories that move."

FableVision Studios creates award-winning websites, games & activities, animated films, interactive graphic novels, museum kiosks, digital storybooks, desktop applications, and iPhone apps.
This short film, based on an original story and art by Peter H. Reynolds and produced by FableVision, movingly conveys the loneliness that a child on the autism spectrum often experiences, and the life-changing impact each of us can have when we reach out and embrace them.

You can use this video to teach many topics, but I included it in the "self-esteem" section  because it shows how we can improve other student's self-esteem with our kind actions.
Link to YouTube video
Tattle Monsters 02/09/2012
I heard about "tattle monsters" through Pinterest and made my first one today out of an empty tissue box. They are cute, cheap, and SUPER easy to make!

I sent this picture to my staff, letting them know how to make one and also, how they could use it in their classrooms. I plan on using my tattle monster during my classroom lessons on big problems vs. small problems.
Counseling Journals 01/29/2012
I often have students who request to see me many times throughout a given school week. Since I have an entire school population to serve, I cannot always be there for them face-to-face. So, I decided to start creating counseling journals with these students. We make them out of notebook paper and colored construction paper (for the cover). Students can decorate their journals however they wish. I typically write the first message, reminding students about how the process works, and then, from that point on, students write as often as they need to. This is also a great way to document student progress. Students love it and it's cheap and easy!
One of my favorite things to do with students is read stories. Books help teach important concepts and engage students in a unique way. To shake things up a bit, I sometimes show my stories instead of read them myself. I've included links to two excellent websites that are FREE to use.

At Online Storytime, you can view high quality stories read by authors and celebrities. Every month, Online Storytime posts a new story, but you can still watch previous videos as well.

Storyline Online, another free web resource, is a program of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. Like Online Storytime, this website features great books read aloud by celebrities, particularly SAG members. Each book includes accompanying activities and lesson plans.


Dateline NBC aired a special called "My Kid Would Never Bully" that aired in 2011. Within the special, teenagers are put in mock bullying situations to see how they handle themselves.

Who ignores it? Who joins in? Who stands up for the target? The results will surprise you.

View the entire episode here.
Vistaprint 01/09/2012
I just ordered business cards through Vistaprint and I am VERY excited to receive them in the mail!



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